Tumbler Fundraiser 1/10-1/23


We are starting our final fundraiser of the school year!  Get a discount on your activity fee by helping us out and selling (or buying!) some custom water bottles and tumblers.

There are 3 different models, $16 or $20 each, with a variety of designs, including 3 totally new, unique Berkner Rams designs.  Students can also very easily set up a personal web store to sell from that has additional items and allows them to raise funds with almost no effort beyond sending a link and a simple note via text or email.

Fundraising packets (order forms and money) are due Monday, January 23rd.

Ideas for who to sell to: Berkner staff (including counselors, librarians, secretaries, principals, etc.), Berkner alumni, current and future Berkner students, family, parents’ coworkers, church or religious community members.  Use the online store to sell to family and friends who live out of state – their items will be shipped directly to them!

This fundraiser is run by CashCow, which gives prizes to top sellers.  The top seller by tomorrow, 1/11, can earn $50 if they bring their order form and a signed note from their parent stating the number of sales they’ve made to class tomorrow.  Plus, anyone who sells over 55 items gets 30 seconds in the Money Machine and can take home whatever cash they can catch.  Both of these prizes are cash prizes given directly to you, not applied to your activity fee.

We hope you will help support Berkner choir by participating in this fundraiser!

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