Eligibility Reminder


Just a quick reminder that the 3rd quarter determines eligibility for UIL contest as well as the Corpus Christi trip.  (The 3rd quarter ends the Friday before spring break, so this is the last chance to bring your grades up.)  That means that a failing grade in any class can prevent students from attending – by state law, not just RISD or BHS policy.


What about pre-AP and AP classes?

They do NOT count against eligibility.

What about regaining eligibility?

There is not an opportunity before UIL to regain eligibility.

What about Pre-UIL?

Pre-UIL is an on-campus event and a test grade.  Eligibility does NOT apply to Pre-UIL.  ALL students are required to attend Pre-UIL.  As a reminder, Pre-UIL is in the BHS auditorium on Tuesday, March 21st.

What if I paid to go on the trip?

If you are expecting not to be eligible, TOMORROW, Firday 3/3, is the last day to request a partial refund.  After that, we have paid the travel agency and are not able to provide refunds, EVEN if you are failing and unable to attend, or experience some kind of emergency that prevents you from going.

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