Eligibility Reminder


Just a quick reminder that the 3rd quarter determines eligibility for UIL contest as well as the Corpus Christi trip.  (The 3rd quarter ends the Friday before spring break, so this is the last chance to bring your grades up.)  That means that a failing grade in any class can prevent students from attending – by state law, not just RISD or BHS policy.


What about pre-AP and AP classes?

They do NOT count against eligibility.

What about regaining eligibility?

There is not an opportunity before UIL to regain eligibility.

What about Pre-UIL?

Pre-UIL is an on-campus event and a test grade.  Eligibility does NOT apply to Pre-UIL.  ALL students are required to attend Pre-UIL.  As a reminder, Pre-UIL is in the BHS auditorium on Tuesday, March 21st.

What if I paid to go on the trip?

If you are expecting not to be eligible, TOMORROW, Firday 3/3, is the last day to request a partial refund.  After that, we have paid the travel agency and are not able to provide refunds, EVEN if you are failing and unable to attend, or experience some kind of emergency that prevents you from going.

Beauty and the Beast


The BHS fine arts department will be putting on Beauty and the Beast next weekend.  It will be a great show and we hope to see you all there!

Thursday, Jan. 26, 7:00pm

Friday, Jan. 27, 7:00pm

Saturday, Jan. 28, 2:00pm matinee* and 7:00pm

Adults $12, Students/Children/Seniors $10 – Tickets available at the door

*Half-price matinee for those wearing a Disney costume

Tumbler Fundraiser 1/10-1/23


We are starting our final fundraiser of the school year!  Get a discount on your activity fee by helping us out and selling (or buying!) some custom water bottles and tumblers.

There are 3 different models, $16 or $20 each, with a variety of designs, including 3 totally new, unique Berkner Rams designs.  Students can also very easily set up a personal web store to sell from that has additional items and allows them to raise funds with almost no effort beyond sending a link and a simple note via text or email.

Fundraising packets (order forms and money) are due Monday, January 23rd.

Ideas for who to sell to: Berkner staff (including counselors, librarians, secretaries, principals, etc.), Berkner alumni, current and future Berkner students, family, parents’ coworkers, church or religious community members.  Use the online store to sell to family and friends who live out of state – their items will be shipped directly to them!

This fundraiser is run by CashCow, which gives prizes to top sellers.  The top seller by tomorrow, 1/11, can earn $50 if they bring their order form and a signed note from their parent stating the number of sales they’ve made to class tomorrow.  Plus, anyone who sells over 55 items gets 30 seconds in the Money Machine and can take home whatever cash they can catch.  Both of these prizes are cash prizes given directly to you, not applied to your activity fee.

We hope you will help support Berkner choir by participating in this fundraiser!

Winter Concert 2016


This Thursday, Dec. 1st is our annual winter concert.  Concerts are mandatory test grades for everyone in choir.

  • 5:30pm – Call time for all students
  • 7:00pm – Concert begins
  • 7:45pm – Estimated concert end time (please pick your student up promptly after the concert)

For a passing grade, students must be wearing their full uniform and in their assigned places by the call time.  They also must behave appropriately during both the concert and dress rehearsal.

Full concert uniform includes:

  • Women: the black choir dress issued by the fine arts department, black dress shoes, and black nylons
  • Men: the black tux pants, black tux jacket, and white tux shirt issued by the fine arts department, black dress shoes, and black socks.  The black cummerbund and bowtie will be passed out during dress rehearsal on the night of the concert and turned in after the concert ends.

Dresses and pants must be hemmed to the proper length.  A tailor near Berkner that can hem your uniform for a low price and a short wait is Alterations Express at 1551 E Spring Valley Rd.

If you have a conflict, please see the handbook or contact your director for what constitutes an excused absence.  Unexcused absences cannot be made up.

Car Wash & HOCO Decorating


Our annual car wash is Saturday, 9/24 at the Sonic on Plano Rd. from 9am to 1pm.  Come out and help us, and tell your friends to come get their cars cleaned!  Price is donation-based.

After the car wash, head back to Berkner to help decorate the fine arts hallway for Homecoming week.  All fine arts students (choir, band, orchestra, theater) are welcome to come help.  We will wrap it up by 3pm.  Feel free to bring any decorations you want to add (some will be provided).

Uniform Issue


Every student in every choir needs a uniform to wear for our concerts.  Uniform issue is Tuesday, 9/13 and Monday 9/19 between 5:30 and 8:30.  Students can come at any point within this time frame to be fitted for their uniform.

We are looking for parent volunteers with sewing experience who would be willing to volunteer during that time to help pin and hem pants and dresses.  Even if you can’t come to uniform issue, if you’re able to take home some pinned uniforms to hem on your own time, that would be wonderful.  If we can get the help, we can save students the money and trouble of needing to get their uniforms hemmed by a tailor.  Please contact a director if you are able to help.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Starts Today


We’re starting our first fundraiser of the year today!  Every student received a fundraising packet and information in class today.  Here’s an overview in case you were absent or forgot some of the info.

About the Fundraiser

  • We are selling frozen cookie dough and thaw-n-serve brownies/dessert bars.  There is also an option to create an account on an online store to sell different items (everything from gourmet food items to household items and accessories) for out-of-town or out-of-state sales.  You’ll need the school ID code 160907 in order to register to make online sales.
  • The fundraiser ends on Monday, September 19.
  • The cookie dough will be delivered to the students after school on Wednesday, October 12.  Because it is a frozen product, you MUST pick it up on this date so it doesn’t spoil!  It is up to you to deliver individual orders to each person that bought cookie dough from you.
  • Money is due when orders are placed.  Payment can be cash or checks (recommended).  Make checks out to BACB.


  • The person who sells the most overall wins a Best Buy gift card.  The amount of the gift card depends on how much everyone in choir sells.
  • Sell 55 items to win 30 seconds inside the money machine.  Catch what you keep ($50 minimum guaranteed).
  • The person who sells the most on the first night can win $50 by bringing a note to school TOMORROW (Wed, 9/7).  It must state their name, how many items they sold, and have a parent signature.  Notes will be verified before the prize is given.

Filling Out the Forms

In case you were absent, or need a new form, here’s how you should fill in the information.

On the packet:

  • Student Name: your first and last name.
  • # of items sold: how many boxes did you sell.
  • Amount enclosed: how much money are you turning in with this form (you need to turn in money for every single box sold, or that order will be canceled).
  • Student’s teacher: Mr. Council (even if you are in Ms. Lied’s class!)

On the form:

  • Name: your first and last name.
  • Orders due: Monday, 9/19
  • Teacher: Mr. Council (even if you are in Ms. Lied’s class)
  • Grade: your choir class period
  • Organization: Berkner Choir
  • Parent’s phone: your parent or guardian’s cell phone number, so we can call them if you forget to pick up your order on the delivery date (10/12)
  • Cell phone: your cell phone number, so we can call you if you forget to pick up  your order on the delivery date (10/12)
  • Checks Payable To: BACB

Placing Orders:

  • You do not need to write down an address and telephone number for the customer if it is someone you know well, since you are the person making deliveries.
  • Please use numbers, not check marks, an X, or tally marks, when writing down the amount of each order.
  • Collect payment at the time of the order.

A Voice 4 Peace: Sept. 21, 2016


A world-wide peace awareness project

The United Nations General Assembly established September 21 as the International Day of Peace. We’re celebrating this day of non-violence and cease-fire with a world-wide peace concert.

On September 21, 2016 musicians from all over the world will sing ‘Ukuthula’,  a traditional African peace hymn. The Nairobi Chamber Chorus and members of the Festival Singers of Florida will lead this song at a peace concert in Kenya, while choirs from all over the world will submit their own recordings of the piece to YouTube.

The end result will be a bold statement to anyone who will listen that moments of peace can be achieved through unity and song.

(Taken from the project website: avoice4peace.org)

Submitted recordings may be selected to be used in a documentary about the power of music to foster unity and compassion.

A Voice 4 Peace at Berkner

BHS will be hosting a recording on September 21, 2016 from 4:30-6:00 in the auditorium.  We will learn, rehearse, and record the song on that day.

All staff and students are invited to join us, regardless of your singing experience.  We don’t care if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket!  The message here is unity and peace, not perfection.

Because the recording will be posted to YouTube, students MUST bring a signed Media Release form in order to sing with us.  Get one from the choir room, or print one online here.

Rehearsal STARTS at 4:30.  You will need to arrive early in order to turn in your form.

Please wear a Berkner shirt.

It would be amazing to see our entire Berkner family flooding the stage to sing for peace!  Help us spread the word!

Still have questions?  Contact Ms. Lied.

2016-2017 Parent Meeting


There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 7:00 pm in the choir room (C-107). A responsible adult from each student’s household must attend this meeting for important information regarding forms, fees, grading information (including concert grading), etc. The meeting will take less than one hour.



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