Berkner High School, Room C-107

1600 E Spring Valley Rd.
Richardson, TX 75201

Doug Council, Head Director

(469) 593-7026

Daniela Salazar, Co-Director

(469) 593-7249

(For issues concerning this website please contact Ms. Salazar)


Text the number 81010 with the message next to your choir (include the @):

Encore: @encore21

1st period Mixed Chorus: @24kh28h

2nd period Tenor/Bass Choir: @h36bebf

3rd period Bel Canto: @h8aga8

4th period A Cappella Choir: @agkgafc

5th period Chorale: @fhga3g

Google Classroom:

See your director for your class code.

Parents, you can email your student’s director to be added as a parent in their GClassroom so that you can see announcements and assignments.

CHARMS: or the CHARMS Blue app

School code: BerknerHSChoir

Password: your student ID

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Twitter: @berknerhschoir

Instagram: @berknerhschoir

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