Berkner Idol FAQ


Auditions are after school on Monday, Sept 19th.  Sign up outside the choir room and be sure to grab an info packet.

The show is at 7pm on Wednesday, 9/28.  Tickets are $5 in advance, or $10 for students and $12 for adults at the door.

If you make the show, there is a dress rehearsal on Tuesday, 9/27 after school.

Do I have to be in choir to audition?

Nope! Berkner Idol is open to anyone who would like to audition.

Do I have to be eligible to audition/participate?

Berkner Idol Auditions and show are before the 6 week grade check, so everyone who passed to the next grade level from last year may participate.

Can I audition without an accompaniment/karaoke track?

No.  All auditions must be accompanied either with a karaoke track or instrumentalist.

Can I sing a duet with a friend?

Yes, but it’s Berkner Idol (not Idols), so there is only one winner.  If you have someone singing harmony/back-up, they are just there for support, and will not win anything.  Please, understand that your audition will be judged based on the whole performance (including any instrumentalists, harmony, back-up vocals, etc), so choose wisely.

Can I sing the song _______?

Yes if:

  • The words are school-appropriate (Google is your friend.  Ask a choir director if you aren’t sure.)
  • It is pop music
  • You have an accompaniment (either someone playing piano/guitar/ukulele/whatever with you, OR a karaoke track)

Do I have to sing the whole song at the audition?

Please be prepared to sing the whole song.  Audition judges will stop you after they have heard what they need to.

What if I can’t make it to the auditions?

There are NO make-up auditions, so if you miss the audition for any reason, including sickness, you will have to try again next year.  If you know in advance that you can’t make it, talk to a choir director.

When will I find out if I made it into the show?

Check outside the choir room for a list to be posted.  It will be at least 24 hours after the auditions before the list goes up.

What happens if I win Berkner Idol?

You get fame and fortune!  Aka, you get a gift card prize and you get to sing the national anthem at the spring pep rally, and perform in the Bando’s Spring show.

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